The welfare of fish first!

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Caviar Perle Noire seeks to reproduce the natural environment of sturgeons. The ponds are made of earth and stones because the sturgeon is a so-called "bottom" fish: it likes to dig the bottom using its barbels, that is to say its moustaches, to find its food. Caviar Perle Noire practices extensive farming: the sturgeons are raised at low density (25 kg / m² against more than 50kg kg / m² in intensive farming) and the water in the basins has a low temperature, on average 13 ° over the year. These two criteria are crucial to maintain optimal comfort for the fish. It also helps prevent the growth of bacteria and disease. The breeding system is in an open circuit: water enters and leaves. It is not reused. Thus, the fish are assured of protection against disease because the water does not stagnate. “We respect the environment, the fish, the product and have perfect control over the caviar manufacturing process, from one end of the chain to another. » Frédéric Vidal, founder of Caviar Perle Noire.

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