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  • "Elegant" Caviar Perle Noire


    Élégant is our Ossetra caviar. We have been breeding Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon since 2009, and only the oldest females in our farm have currently reached maturity. Élégantcaviar offers a slightly iodised taste, which turns creamy and releases delicate flavours of fresh seaweed and almonds. It is advisable to order it in advance.

  • "Authentique" Caviar Perle Noire


    Authentique is also young caviar. With a short maturing period of two weeks to two months and salting with pure salt, it has aromas of iodine and fish, while retaining a nutty aftertaste

  • "Expérience" Caviar Perle Noire


    Expérience is atypical caviar, which is matured for one to three months and salted with pure salt. It has a powerful taste of iodine, with aromas of nuts and seaweed. We have elected to gently heat this caviar to obtain a firm texture, as well as a longer shelf life

  • « Classique » Caviar Perle Noire


    Classique is characterful caviar with a full-bodied marine taste that lingers in the mouth. Matured for 6 to 12 months in Origines boxes. In those boxes, the caviar matures slowly, to gradually reveal multiple aromas

  • « Prestige» Caviar Perle Noire


    Prestige is exceptional caviar selected for its size and colour, matured in Origines boxes. Our caviar master selects the best time for repacking. Exceptional finesse and long taste, buttery and firm with marine flavours. This rare caviar only accounts for 2 to 3% of our production. It is advisable to order it in advance.

  • « Impertinent » Caviar Perle Noire


    Impertinent is young caviar. A short maturing period from two weeks to two months gives it creamy, buttery and smooth notes and a delicate nutty flavour

  • Smoked skinless trout, Sashimi-style sliced


    Quick Frozen Smoked trout sashimi. Smoked sashimi is hand-carved from our trout and sturgeon fillets. The fillets are boned, salted with dry salt, and delicately smoked with beech wood. Hot smoking of sturgeon fillets gives them a soft and melting texture. Trout, which is traditionally smoked cold, is firm and very slightly salty.