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  • Smoked skinless trout, Sashimi-style sliced


    Quick Frozen Smoked trout sashimi. Smoked sashimi is hand-carved from our trout and sturgeon fillets. The fillets are boned, salted with dry salt, and delicately smoked with beech wood. Hot smoking of sturgeon fillets gives them a soft and melting texture. Trout, which is traditionally smoked cold, is firm and very slightly salty.

  • Whole trout fillet on skin, smoked on rope 320g


    Trout is also rope-hung and smoked, using an ancestral artisan smoking method suited to these exceptional fillets. Quick Frozen Rope-hung fillets are also available in master pieces with variable weights and sizes depending on the season.

  • Smoked skinless sturgeon, sliced Sashimi style


    The sliced ​​smoked sturgeon sashimi is carefully selected from the heart of our finest fillets (net weight: 100g or 200g)