Gravlax heart of trout fillet

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Raw fillets of our own trout meticulously marinated in a blend of salt, sugar and beet and gently dried for a firm consistency. The Gravlax fillet heart is presented in a skinless slab, to be sliced thinly for a unique taste experience.

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The sashimi-style smoked trout is carefully selected from the heart of our finest fillets. These are boneless, salted with dry salt, and smoked delicately with beech wood. Less fatty than salmon, trout retains identical characteristics, particularly in Omega 3, while offering a finer and more subtle taste.

This product can be used in cubes or as you wish such as on blinis, in salads, or just simply with lemon juice and dill. (available in 2 net weight: 100g or 200g)

use-by date: 3 weeks after packaging.

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