Périgord Noir Caviar

Caviar Perle Noire is a Périgord Noir region human heritage where gastronomic tradition is passed from generation to generation.

Caviar Perle Noire is a nature heritage where high mineral wealth soils give the waters their exceptional natural quality.


A protected environment

The exceptional environment of its sites distinguishes Eyzies de Tayac Caviar Perle Noire, by the quality of its farming and manufacturing.

After a 10 years experience in Maine et Loire, we settled in 2007 in Périgord Noir inside a Natura 2000 area. We introduced in this trout fish-farming Siberian species sturgeons (Acipenser baerii).

Recirculating system ponds are fed from a small stream, La Beune, whose fresh, clear and hard water is classified in the first fish-farming category. Rich in minerals particularly in calcium, it allows preventing parasite and slightly earthy tastes. Water temperature allows a slow maturation of the fish as well, ensuring thus an optimal egg quality.

Furthermore, our sturgeons are farmed at low density and benefit from a feeding free of GMO, antibiotic, or bone meal other than fishes coming from responsible fishery. Diseases and so curative treatments are consequently absent.

This natural heritage and our French know-how confer all its gustative personality to our Caviar Perle Noire: alliance between subtlety, strength and long finish.