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  • Magazine Dordogne Here and There
    Magazine Dordogne Here and There

    The aquatic fauna of the department has been enriched in recent years with fish, whose name alone is enough to evoke luxury gastronomy: in Les Eyzies, sturgeons produce a caviar, Perle Noire, appreciated well beyond the borders of the department.

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  • Home and Garden Magazine
    Home and Garden Magazine

    Rather than a dish, caviar is an ambiance. We don't eat caviar ... We taste it, we take our time, we savor it, so that each moment is unforgettable, as much by its taste as by the emotion which emerges from it. There is a real ceremony around this exceptional product.

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  • Trophies Salons des Saveurs
    Trophies Salons des Saveurs

    The Authentic Caviar and the Sturgeon Sashimi from Caviar Perle Noire won the trophy for the 2021 gourmet pleasure show!

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  • Report France 3
    Report France 3

    Find us in the report made by France 3.

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    Quand un produit est gustatif, réalisé avec un savoir-faire traditionnel et dans le respect de l'environnement; on a envie de le faire découvrir. Ainsi, de dimanche à mardi Caviar Perle Noire présentera ses produits au salon professionnel Tavola : stand 4171. Kortrijk Xpo - Doorniksesteenweg 216 - 8500 KORTRIJK / COUTRAI (Belgique) Dimanche 20 mars 2022 : 10h00 à 19h00 Lundi 21 mars 2022 : 10h00 à 19h00 Mardi 22 mars 2022 : 10h00 à 18h00 #jaimelabelgique  #epiceriefine  #caviarduperigord

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