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CAVIAR PERLE NOIRE… French excellence

Rather than a dish, caviar is an ambiance. We don't eat caviar ... We taste it, we take our time, we savor it, so that each moment is unforgettable, as much by its taste as by the emotion which emerges from it. There is a real ceremony around this exceptional product.

Located in the heart of the Périgord Noir, near Sarlat, the CAVIAR PERLE NOIRE farms offer an ideal setting for the breeding of its sturgeons (Acipenser baerii). Their team of passionate technicians, endowed with great traditional know-how, combined with a high-quality natural environment, offers caviar prepared with the greatest care, and with the greatest respect for fish and its ecosystem. The relatively cold water temperature in the basins allows a slow maturation of the sturgeon, ensuring optimal egg quality. The low density of breeding as well as the selection of the food which makes food of the livestock, offer to the flesh fish an incomparable taste. The absence of disease on the breeding exempts of any treatment, moreover, they banished any use of plant health products.

With a delicate process that requires numerous operations carried out in their workshops, meeting European standards of hygiene and traceability, CAVIAR PERLE NOIRE produces excellent French caviar, smooth with a delicate taste. The eggs are extracted from the female sturgeon at a specific stage of maturation. They are then sorted, sieved and washed before being conditioned for up to a year, in a refining box for perfect maceration. The caviar will then be packaged in small boxes, of different weights, before reaching the stalls of prestigious delicatessens and renowned fishmongers, in France and abroad. CAVIAR PERLE NOIRE also produces very top-of-the-range smoked fish, like trout with a more refined taste than salmon. Our fish are IKEJIME, it is a Japanese slaughter technique which consists in destroying the nervous system of the animal very quickly and therefore reduces the stress. It allows better preservation of the flesh by improving the organoleptic qualities. The flesh of fish, trout and sturgeon, is also processed in the traditional way, by hand, from cutting to vacuuming, including smoking with beech wood. Caviar, smoked fish, CAVIAR PERLE NOIRE offers you one of the best French caviars all year round, as well as highly refined sturgeon and trout products.

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