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Classique is characterful caviar with a full-bodied marine taste that lingers in the mouth. Matured for 6 to 12 months in Origines boxes. In those boxes, the caviar matures slowly, to gradually reveal multiple aromas

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Caviar of character, full-bodied flavour, salted with a longer finish marine shellfish. This caviar gives a bouquet that travellers who appreciated Russian caviar will remember.

Refining: in a cool room from 2 to 12 months in a “BO original tin” which is the traditional preservation caviar boxes and the equivalent of our finest wines oak barrels. In these tins, caviar undergoes a slow ageing process in which turn out gradually numerous flavourings. BO are turned, squeezed and carefully followed up, one by one.

Colour: charcoal grey to black grains

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Data sheet

Sturgeon eggs, salt, E285 preservative
Siberia sturgeons (Acipenser baerii)
Conservation 4 months maximum at 4°C; see DLUO on the back of the box.
Recommended quantity