"Expérience" Caviar Perle Noire

Expérience is atypical caviar, which is matured for one to three months and salted with pure salt. It has a powerful taste of iodine, with aromas of nuts and seaweed. We have elected to gently heat this caviar to obtain a firm texture, as well as a longer shelf life

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  • 30g box
  • 50g box
  • 100g box

Amazing freshness young caviar, which reveals the natural taste of just salted eggs.

With a short refining from 0 to 1 month, it has already developed iodine flavourings thanks to a salt content slightly higher than for our other caviar assortments.

To guarantee this product without preservative, we impose a 2 months Best Before Date after a small canning.

  • Postage offered from 90€ VAT.
  • Express delivery within 24/48 hours in France
  • Cold chain respected
  • 100% from Périgord

Data sheet

Sturgeon eggs, salt
Siberia sturgeons (Acipenser baerii)
Keep cool between 1 and 6°. Best before date indicated on the package.
Recommended quantity
15g / person