An eco-responsible production in a healthy nature

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After 10 years of experience in Maine et Loire, Frédéric Vidal settled in 2008 in the Périgord Noir, in Les Eyzies de Tayac. On this former trout fish farm, the company Caviar Perle Noire breeds Acipenser baerii sturgeons, originating from Siberia, known to grow and reproduce exclusively in fresh water. But why settle in Périgord? Because the quality of the water and the environment are exceptional. Enough to ensure a high-quality product.

The Caviar Perle Noire fish farm is classified in the Natura 2000 zone, a network that brings together all the natural or semi-natural sites of the European Union. With this designation, the company acts in an eco-responsible manner by helping to maintain biological diversity. Caviar Perle Noire thus offers quality caviar that is part of a real approach of sustainable development and respectful of the surrounding ecosystem.

The Natura 2000 network, made up of a set of natural, terrestrial and marine sites, aims to ensure the long-term survival of particularly threatened species and habitats, with high conservation issues in Europe. The objective of this European approach, based on the Birds and Fauna and Flora Habitats directives, is twofold:

  • preservation of biological diversity and natural heritage;
  • taking into account economic, social and cultural requirements, as well as regional particularities.
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