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Christmas Eve: extraordinary late night meal and THE QUESTION that goes with .... What are you going to cook? Tradition: Foie Gras - Smoked Salmon - Turkey with Chestnuts - Christmas log and Champagne.

Foie Gras, certainly invented by the Egyptians, is one of our French gastronomic products par excellence as well known as Champagne and Paris worldwide. According to legend the first foie gras recipe was made by Jean-Pierre CLAUSE in 1780. A crusty dish filled with foie gras and lined with a stuffing with veal and bacon that was presented to King Louis XVI.

The turkey with chestnuts, emblematic French dish was not the first choice, did you know? Our Christmas turkey was originally an OIE. All this changed with Christopher Columbus and his «Indian hen». One of the first turkeys was served in 1549 at a feast in honour of Queen Catherine of Medici.

Then comes the log originally a wood log deposited in the fireplace on Christmas night sprinkled with wine or salt to attract the good fortune that turned in the XX century into a cake rolled with genoese covered with butter cream.

The Everything tasted with a good champagne that would have been invented by a monk of the abbey of Hautvillers at the end of the XVII thanks to the vines planted by the Romans in Champagne.

But isn’t there something missing? All this seems quite light in the face of the traditional Christmas bombance. The New Year’s Eve meal is known for its quantity and the dishes offered on this special occasion of the year, such as oysters and smoked salmon. And if this year you let yourself be tempted by smoked trout...

Let us suggest a menu idea for your Christmas meal ... Let’s start with foie gras toast as an aperitif with a good champagne, then oysters and this year as a starter a smoked trout Caviar Black Pearl. 

Imagine this whole net of rainbow trout raised in the Black Perigord, simply, naturally in crystal clear water and so on in the open air of our beautiful region. Placed in your most beautiful dish, sliced finely with a slice of a good toasted bread slightly buttered ... and let yourself be carried away by the fondant of its flesh and its incomparable flavor. 

Then at your discretion, perhaps a roasted goose to reconnect with tradition and finally the moment expected by all the Christmas log to end in beauty this moment of celebration and conviviality.

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