Tasting the Caviar Perle Noire

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Preservation of caviar

Caviar can be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between 0 ° and 6 °. An Optimum Use-By Date is mentioned on the boxes of Perle Noire Caviar. As with a good wine, it is advisable to open the box about ten minutes before serving and place it on a bed of ice. After opening, the caviar must be consumed within 48 hours.

Nature tasting

To savor all its finesse, it is important to know how to taste caviar.
The caviar just as it is (advised quantity: 15 g per person): Russian way, on the hand, or with a spoon (pearl, glass, porcelain or even plastic). It can be accompanied by a champagne brut, a dry white wine, a vodka or spirits iodized (rum, whisky). Place the eggs on the tongue and let their flavors explode against your palate. Savor this pure moment of pleasure.

Tasting with a dish

Caviar can also be associated with other neutral dishes (potatoes, eggs, crème fraîche, etc.) or refined (scallops, crustaceans, fish). The dressing should be done just before serving so as not to let the caviar heat up.

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