Caviar Perle Noire, producer of caviar… but not only!

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"Caviar Butter":

Our whole farm butter composed of 35% caviar will enhance your aperitifs. Simply spread on a semi-wholemeal bread just toasted to accompany your shellfish platters. Otherwise, butter-style « Maitre d’hôtel », put it at the last moment on a white fish or just seared scallops. A little accompaniment that your taste buds will remember!

Our little advice: Take it out of the fridge for 10 minutes before use at room temperature.

"Trout eggs":

A home essential! Naturally crunchy, slightly salty and with a lively color, they will brighten up your toast and aperitif verrines as well as your salads and starters.

"The Creamy, trout and sturgeon":

Our canned trout and sturgeon, made with fresh and smoked meat and 30% fresh cream, are delicious and fresh. To spread simply on a good country bread, a quick and efficient implementation for an aperitif on the go! To taste fresh.

"Sashimi, trout and sturgeon":

Enough of fatty, finely sliced salmon? Find our smoked trout and sturgeon fillets cut like sashimi, a gourmet cut that won't leave you hungry! 

To devour as it is or to place on the white bread.

You can also revisit the recipe for potato-style herring in oil with sturgeon, quick to make, it's an original variation that your guests will remember.

"Smoked Trout on a String":

The trout is also offered smoked on a string, an old and artisanal smoking method for these exceptional fillets. A whole piece, not sliced on its skin which gives it all its finesse. The flesh is firm and melting. To present whole on a cutting board with a sharp knife, garnished with fresh dill or a twist of black pepper with a few grains of pomegranate. A gourmet and exotic appetizer, to consume without moderation!

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