Caviar Perle Noire, a range for all palates

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"The Impertinent":

A young caviar, very smooth and delicate, with hints of nutty butter. Delicate and slightly iodized, if you have had a bad experience with caviar, the impertinent by his youth will know how to win you back!

"The Authentic":

A young caviar of surprising freshness that reveals the natural taste of just salted eggs. Without preservative, it reminds us of wild caviars by its purity. It is the favorite of our partner chefs!

"The Experience":

A preservative-free caviar, thermized, which gives it a nice firmness in the mouth. This thermal process allows you to keep it for up to a year! Rather practical, isn't it? In addition, it will offer you an incomparable outfit in the kitchen!

"The Classic":

The flagship product of the brand! It is a mature caviar, with a beautiful persistence in the mouth and with an iodized taste that recalls traditional Russian caviar. A caviar of connoisseurs, powerful, with generous flavors and rich in aromas.

"The Elegant":

This is the latest addition to the brand. It is special because it is our first caviar from the species Acipenser gueldenstaedtii , in other words “the oscietra”. A caviar with often golden eggs and with the good tastes of fresh seaweed and hazelnuts. Slightly iodized and creamy, it will know how to put to agreement your guests.

"The Prestige":

A slightly matured caviar, with large clear grains which seduces with its explosion of flavors. Due to the size of its grains, it offers an unforgettable tasting experience, we can compare it to the Beluga caviar, formerly reserved for the great Tsars of Russia!

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