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Christmas is the time of the year when everything lights up, when the smell of sweet mulled wine spices mixed with the scent of fir thorns tickles your nose. This time of year when the desire to share around a wonderful dinner, a moment of eternity with the people dear to our hearts, is our only thought. Magnified by the stars in the eyes of our children when after so much waiting they discover in wonder what Santa Claus has left them.




Once upon a time King Tatius (king of the Cures) reigned jointly with Romulus (founder of Rome) after the unification of the Roman and Quirite people. To celebrate Strenia, the goddess of strength and health, he established the tradition of offering himself gifts on January 1. At that time, families offered themselves food: figs, dates, honey… to symbolize abundance.



The latter died out, but the tradition he had established continued. Thus in 300 BC, still in Rome, the Church fixed the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25 in order to christianize the population from rites derived from popular culture. Thus was born the night of Christmas (from the Latin Natalis Dies meaning day of birth). It was on that night that the children received gifts recalling the gift of the three wise men Gaspard, Melchior and Balthazar who guided by the North Star made an offering to the child Jesus of Myrrh, incense and gold.



This Christmas spirit has passed through time and age. As it was told to Mr Scroodge let us tell you the story of Santa Claus who although our children adore him is not only due to Coca-Cola.


In the 19thcentury in the smoke of factories, under the hooves of horses and the wheels of steam cars are the Haussmann paving stones.  On the boulevards that line the department stores, are born with their shimmering windows, their garlands and Christmas characters, installed from side to side in their windows open to the world, for the happiness of all passers-by.


In this atmosphere of industrial revolution where everything becomes possible, packaging appears. You probably think of yourself as a secondary character… NO. It is this paper, bright red, bright with a thousand lights, girded with a beautiful ribbon that arouses curiosity, excitement, impatience… we all shook a package hidden under this paper trying to discover the gift inside.



Finally comes the main character, the one everyone talks about, the one who brings in one night to each child of the world a gift placed at the foot of the tree. After the dark period of the First World War the world needed love, magic, joy, so you discover yourself, grow, become famous Santa Claus. This Santa Claus was first seen in 1823, by American pastor Clément Clarke Moore, probably after a few hours of waiting hidden behind a tree during the night of December 24.



So this ends our Christmas story. But perhaps you will decide to extend it by offering or offering yourself, like King Tiatus, black pearls to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

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