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Let us begin at the beginning and let us introduce you to the brother and sister, artisans of the Distillery de l’ort :

Loïs Gauthier, the passionate alchemist.

Trained in Scotland, he directed the creation and production of spirits from a large craft distillery, many of which received the highest honours in major international competitions.

Nolwenn Gauthier, the innovative brain

She has worked for several years in social science research and international cooperation. Her heart of research: the ecological transition of agricultural practices.


Sharing the same convictions about the environment around us and our way of working it is quite natural that came the idea of creating a vodka to fit with the Caviar Black Pearl. 




Let us count the birth of the Vodka Caviar Black Pearl.


In the morning Lois will compose the blend of fruits and cereals: chestnuts of the Black Perigord, wheat and sarrazin. Then it will add spring water to the grain alcohol and bring it to a boil in the still for 8 hours.


Alcohol boils at 78°C while water boils at 100°C, thanks to this difference in boiling temperature, alcohol will change into a vapour phase and extract the delicate aromas from the plants. The vapours of the distillate will then be condensed thanks to the coil dipped in cold water in 3 steps:

-  The head

-  The Heating Heart

-  the queue at the end of the 8 hours.


The vodka Caviar Black Pearl is made by Lois from the Coeur de Chauffe where we find all the aromas

In this box you will find our authentic caviar «pure salt». Made by our master refiner Anthony according to precise steps.


First the gonad is extracted from our baerii sturgeon, then it will be sorted according to its size, color and firmness. It is then stripped, rinsed and drained. Then comes the salting operation. Anthony then puts the eggs in original boxes for ripening.



Let us count the particularity of the Authentic Caviar 


Our Authentic caviar is a caviar with a short maturation of 2 weeks to 2 months. Thanks to its salting Pure Salt it has already developed aromas of iodine and fish while retaining its notes of nuts and hazelnut at the end of the mouth.

Now let’s move on to the tasting. Open your box and place your box of Authentic caviar on a bed of ice and open it some time before to release its aromas. Then open your bottle of Vodka Black Pearl that you took care to place in the refrigerator and not in the freezer, to preserve its aromas.


Pour a little vodka into a glass and let it wrap your palate with its roundness. This one prepared to taste a spoonful of authentic caviar alone or placed on a blinis. And let yourself be carried away by this moment of celebration and ecstasy.

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    By: Michel STÉPHAN On 26/10/2023

    *Nous avons récemment découvert votre caviar au restaurant l´Attelier à Périgueux*
    Nous nous sommes régalé à tel point que nous sommes revenus le lendemain et avons répétés.
    Le coté agaçant c´est que deux jours avant nous étions au Eysies et nous ne connaissions pas votre production.
    Cela dit nous ne manquerons pas de passer vous voir à notre prochain voyage en Périgord car votre caviar est d´une qualité exceptionnelle
    A bientôt
    Arantxa & Michel STÉPHAN©®